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How does your ordering process work?

To make sure you are 100% satisfied with the final product, we guide you through every step of the process. Together, we’ll confirm your design, placement, colors, and shirt types before we get your shirts on the press.

Whether you have a specific idea in mind, or you need some suggestions from our team of experts, we will help you through the following steps:

  • Art development & design
  • Selection of your blank apparel
  • Pricing & quotes
  • Mock-ups of your design on the apparel of your choice
  • Quantity & size breakdown
  • Final approval & deposit
  • Production
  • Pick-up or delivery

Since every order is different, this process can be very short or rather lengthy. Our goal is to provide prompt, clear communication through every step, so you get exactly what you want!

How do I prep the files?

All Files must be 300 DPI or a Vector File. Preferred file types are .PSD, .TIF, .EPS, .AI, .PDF, and .JPG. Design should be sized to print. Orders cannot be started until we have usable artwork.

While many files can have these extensions, they don’t always contain vector based art. Only after full review of your file can we determine if your art is acceptable.

Other formats are also acceptable but may require art charges to prepare them for printing. All formats listed before are usable for 1 color printing, if art contains multiple colors, then art separation fees will apply.

.psd – Adobe Photoshop file (must be 300 dpi file @ full size for printing, in layers or on white background)
.tiff – 300 dpi High resolution print quality image.
.jpeg – normally of lower quality, if your file is 300 dpi @ full size, this format is also useable for one color prints.

Simulated Process – Separation work applies to flattened high resolution files such as those listed above. Your best and most vibrant output will result in comparison to 4 color process. Mostly used for illustrations or photographic style art. Can be printed on dark colors. Art separation charges are usually required.

4 Color Process – used to print photographic style art or where too many colors are contained in art and must be run in CMYK. This process is less then perfect, and usually will result in a duller, less vibrant output. Also color shifts may occur as process is not good at re-creating accurate reds, oranges, & browns. Review of your art is necessary to determine weather process is the right method to print your artwork or if spot colors should be used. Must be printed on WHITE garments.

What is the proof / approval process?

On all new orders we will be sending you an art proof for your review. This proof will state the size, Pantone colors and overall location of your print job. Please make sure to look over the proof carefully as once it is approved we will be printing exactly that. Proofs are issued about 1-2 business days after all forms and art have been received. If you do not receive a proof in that time frame please bring that to our attention, as we are not aware you didn’t receive it. Sometimes wrong emails are listed or lost in cyberspace. Also, we do ask that you set your email account to send a confirm receipt of emails when in the proof/approval process. If we do not receive your art approval we cannot proceed with your job. Having your email set for a confirm receipt ensures that we in fact did get your reply, if you did not get a confirm receipt, we do not have your approval.

What are Pantone Colors?

We follow the Pantone solid coated chart for all of our ink colors. This refers to a worldwide color matching system called Pantone (PMS) color. We will match any Pantone color provided for your artwork as close as possible. There is no charge for Pantone matching & we prefer you indicate what pantone colors you would like for your print jobs. If your Pantones are provided we will match as close as possible (90%) to the color of your art & assign it a pms color for proofing.

How can I get my shirts be more affordable?

Change your order. So you want cheaper more affordable shirts? Here are your choices:

1. Print less colors – this will get rid of some of your setup and printing costs. The result is a less expensive shirts and a more affordable price.

2. Choose inexpensive shirts – there are a lot of good quality shirts that are cost effective. Example: Bayside 5100 or Union Line 10221 100% cotton shirts

3. Print more shirts – if you print enough shirts to get to our next price break, you will potentially save lots of money. This will give you a lower per-shirt price.

4. Use our online custom shirt ordering system. Our online system is mostly automated which cuts down some of the manpower costs thus lowering the cost of your job. It also gives up to the minute updates, online apparel designer, and the ability to re-order.

What is a “flash” layer?

A flash layer is when we double print a color on your shirt. If you’re printing light ink on dark shirts, we’ll usually print that light color twice so that the dark fabric doesn’t show through the light ink.

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